Community Engagement , Community Guide & Community Inclusion



Community Engagement

Services are designed to develop creative, flexible and supportive community resources and relationships. This service helps connect individuals to resources in their community, and supports them to participate, engage, and integrate into the community. This service is
available in the Individual and Family Services waiver.


Community Guide

Community Guide services increase access to informal community supports. Community Guide is short-term support that develops creative, flexible, and supportive community resources so waiver participants can meet a goal identified in the person-centered service plan. 


Ratio of provider to client is 1:1.

A community guide or community engagement provider will:

• Meet with you to discuss goals stated in the PersonCentered service plan developed by you and your case manager and help you develop specific goals related to engaging with the community.

• Develop strategies with you to connect with community resources, based on your interests and needs.

• Help you develop healthy relationships with local community members.

• Support you with participating in community activities within your budget.


Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion services promote individualized skill development, independent living and community integration so persons can learn how to actively and independently engage in their local community. Activities provide opportunities to develop relationships and to learn, practice and apply skills for greater independence and inclusion).

Community Inclusion should build and strengthen relationships with others who live in the same area and are not paid to be with the person. 


Ratio of provider to client is 1:1; however Community Inclusion can be provided to groups of 2 or 3 if individuals have shared interests and goals.



Community Respite

Respite is a short-term, intermittent service designed to give the primary care provider that lives with a client a break from care.