Customized Employment


Customized Employment focuses efforts on matching an employee’s abilities, strengths, interests and requirements with a job that meets the employer’s needs. This highly personalized process forms a strong alliance between the employee, employer and Noble Hunt Employment Specialists, creating jobs that deliver value, meaning and benefits to all.

The first step is a free, no obligation workplace assessment. Our trained employment Specialists meet with a potential employer to get a feeling for what they do and how they do it. We observe the business and then discuss where we think our services would best meet the business need.

From there, we work with the employer to either fill an open job they already have, or to create a customized job description that considers the potential employee’s skills, interests and abilities, and aligns with the employer’s needs, for a best-fit opportunity.

Once a job is identified, the Noble Hunt Employment Specialist:

  • Helps the new hire learn and perform the specific tasks of his or her job.
  • Coaches the employee in understanding the company culture.
  • Clarifies job expectations for the employee, employer and support team.
  • Communicates any reasonable accommodations required.

At an agreed-upon time, responsibility for support can transfer from the Noble Hunt Employment Specialist to the workplace if the employer feels that the employee is ready. We will reduce our presence to allow the employee to gain independence and become part of the team, but will continue to check in as needed. When job duties change or responsibilities are added, the employee’s Specialist will step back in for additional training or coaching. Or, if the employee continues to need on-the-job support, Noble Hunt will provide regular coaching and support services to ensure the ongoing success of the partnership for as long as the employer and/or employee feel it is necessary.



Contract with Noble Hunt

The Noble Hunt can perform work on a contract basis. If you have routine or repetitive work that needs to get done, you can be assured our team at Noble Hunt can get the job done. Under the supervision of a training specialist, Noble Hunt can perform contract work while assisting individuals with disabilities develop work skills necessary to obtain community employment.


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Employees with disabilities can be committed and dedicated members of your team.Find out how your business can benefit from Customized Employment by  contacting:


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