The Noble Hunt Kitchen is open:

Friday - Saturday

4 pm - Close


 Cheese Boards

A half Portion of Cheese, Accompaniment and Baguette - $8.

#1 Umapine Creamery Cheddar, apple slices, baguette
#2 Umapine Creamery Drunken Dragon, house- made dark ale mustard, baguette
#3 Little Dipper Salad Feta, olives, baguette
#4 Fresh Little Dipper Dairy goat cheese, housemade fruit jam, baguette
#5 Umapine Creamery Havarti, pear slices, baguette

All Cheese boards are served with Grassroot Gourmet baguette,  a dried fruit nut mix & raw local honey.


Cheese Monger Special

Our Cheese monger will pair cheeses for you to create an exceptional cheese experience!
3 Cheese Board   12.
5 Cheese Board    20.

Build a Board!

With the help of our Cheese monger, you choose as many cheeses from our cases as you would like for your board.

Each cheese selection is $5.00


Accompaniments / $2


Mediterranean Olive Mix
Sweet Chutney
Raw Honey
House Made Pickles
Spicy Chutney
Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Olive Tapenade
Dark Ale Mustard
Quince Paste
Whole Grain Mustard


Charcuterie / $4
Seasonal – house made


Mozzarella Salad (house made mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, parsley, vinegar, olive oil) - $4

Mixed Vegetable Salad (tomatoes, potatoes, onions, olives, parsley, hard-boiled egg, olive oil) - $3


Tea (Grateful Herbs- assorted loose leaf tea, herbal tea) - $2

Coffee (Rey's Roast - full-bodied, light-bodied, decaf) - $3



Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana - $2

House made smoothie - $5



Venue Rental

Whatever your special occasion, The Noble Hunt can provide the perfect venue. A range of services and facilities is available to enhance your event, including catering and audio equipment. Please contact Alicia Walker at 509-382-3067.